The Mysteries of English Folklore and What They Mean

The hills and plains of England hold the remains of humans dating back three quarter million years. Sea levels were lower then, and they could literally walk from Europe. When the icecaps melted, the English developed their own culture and society, isolated by the waters roaring all around them.

We built this website to explore the mysteries of the English people. We begin with the Druids and Stonehenge, and end with the dawning of the New Age upon us. Along the way, we follow clues left by Iron Age settlers, and warrior Vikings. Each added a layer to the folklore of England.

The Exceptionally Resilient Nature of English CulturePoor_little_birdie_teased_by_Richard_Doyle

We only call them “Dark Ages” because we know so little about them. Change has continued unabated, with even two attempts made to invade England. Through all these challenges, the English culture has proved resilient. The English still visit Stonehenge at the Summer Solstice, and have an eerie sense of Neolithic ancestors watching over them.

The Spirits of Mysterious Druids are Everywhere

The English countryside still has mysterious magic circles made from standing stones. The trees have not returned and the earth around them is still clear and level. Who keeps it this way, and who maintains the images of giants and dragons carved out of chalky hillsides? And what about the circles in the crops that appear mysteriously in the night?

Let the Journey into Ancient English Folklore Begin

The spirit of the Druids and their folklore are alive and well in England. Stay with us, as we explore the mysteries hidden in astrology, and ancient libraries. We find echoes of Druids everywhere we go, even in casinos. The English youth can hear them calling as they enter the New Age.